28 May 2011

Meet the Team - Chris

I am Chris Beech, Secretary for the Festival 2012 team. I have worked with Joan in the past, as Area Secretary when she was Delegate for Nelson/Marlborough, and as Deputy Editor for Creative Fibre magazine when Joan was Editor.

I am an enthusiastic weaver and sometime spinner, with special affection for my 4 shaft Fred’s Shed loom and Ashford jumbo spinning wheel. I have exhibited widely at local, Area and National levels.

I dabble in all aspects of weaving, from floor rugs and throws, scarves and wraps, to table linens and runners. I do have occasional forays into art weaving, but consider technique my strength rather than design.

Weaving has always been in conjunction with my active farming career: dairy [7 years], high country merino [29 years] and, more recently, a small hillside vineyard near Blenheim. Other addictions are tramping, alpine botany and single malts.

Autumn in the Beech Block vineyard

Wool/mohair throw rugs. I enjoy weaving these as there are so many variations possible with weave technique and colour

This says it all, really



Rose said...

Chris, your 'clean house' piece speaks to me! Can you post a little about the technique you have used?

Meg in Nelson said...

Here, Rose: http://marlboroughweavers.blogspot.com/2009/12/finnweave-wall-piece-by-chris-beech.html

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