30 July 2011

Introducing our Sponsors - The George Mason Charitable Trust

In recent years members of the NZSWWS have benefited from generous donations from the Mason Charitable Trust. It has paid many of the expenses associated with bringing overseas tutors to New Zealand, ensuring that the lectures, demonstrations and workshops they hold are made available to the membership at a very reasonable cost. As well the Trust has funded the ‘Mason Charitable Trust Scholarship in Design’ which provides a member with funds to study and research a chosen aspect of her craft. Behind this Trust stands Dr George Mason.

George on the balcony of his home in Oakura, Taranaki.

George was born and educated in Auckland and while at university became passionately interested in the natural sciences, particularly botany and its environmental associations. The control of problems in these areas became his life’s work. This background is reflected in his wide-ranging interests from skiing, climbing and tramping to his involvement in growing flowers and exotic fruits as well as his interest in many forms of creative art and music.

George with the 2010 Plant Protection Society medal presented to him in recognition of the immense contribution he has made in a career of more than 56 years in the agrichemical business.

The Trust’s contributions to Creative Fibre Society stemmed from discussions George had with then President Anthea Davidson, regarding an award for studies into the use of a blend of possum fibre and fine wool. At this time the NZ Wool Board sponsorship was ending so the Trust agreed to fill the gap in the meantime. This was followed by support for visiting overseas tutors.

Some of the international textile art pieces in George’s collection

Textiles are a significant part of George’s private art collection and Creative Fibre National Exhibitions have been a source of several additions. George says, ‘A passionate appreciation of my home country, its world class natural features and its independent endeavours in the natural sciences and the arts and the creative ability of its people have been the guiding principles behind the funding support the Mason Trust offers New Zealanders.’

For the 2012 Festival The Mason Charitable Trust is sponsoring the visit of keynote speaker and post-festival workshop tutor Kim Thittichai from England. Watch this space for further details!

Thanks George!

Win & Rose

27 July 2011

Intermission - Hats, Of Course

Why are we so into hats?  Read about the Creative Fibre Challenge here, and see more hats here.

24 July 2011

Creative Learning Programme

Fibre is our passion, and irrespective of whether we enjoy felting, weaving, spinning or knitting, we all have that desire to hold some form of fibre in our hands and manipulate it our own special way to create a work of art or something wearable or useful.

With the Creative Learning programme at this Festival we have put together an exciting, inspirational programme for you to enjoy. Some things are a little different, but we are giving you the opportunity to listen to people who are doing exciting things with fibres.

We have two highly regarded overseas tutors, Kim Thittichai and Karen Selk, and a wide variety of New Zealanders who are skilled in their work. They are all people of exceptional talent and above all have a desire to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, and to impart some of the excitement they feel for what they do.

The Festival starts each day with a keynote speaker in the main Hall, a venue where everyone can listen and be inspired.  Then there is a choice. We have 3 smaller venues with various topics being presented in 45 minute slots. You will have a difficult job choosing which one to go to!

For those of you who want to go that extra mile there are two 2 day post Festival workshops with our special overseas tutors that you can enrol for.

I can't wait to be a part of the buzz that is going to hit Blenheim in April 2012.

See you there.

Christine & Joan

15 July 2011

Introducing our Sponsors - Mitre 10 Mega, Blenheim

The Creative Fibre Festival 2012 is very fortunate to have the support of Mitre 10 Mega, Blenheim.

Mitre 10 Mega is an amazing store, and here in Blenheim they are keen to support the local community. They even sponsor a bus that can be seen every day taking people around town!
If you walk around the Blenheim Mega store there are heaps of things that the avid Creative Fibre person can use... from brushes to paint your dyes onto fibre, containers to store your ‘stash’ [and we need heaps of those!], through to wire, string, plastic and wood. They also have a cafe for a coffee pick me up, and heaps of goodies to keep the men happy while you are busy creating.

We know you will have to visit the Fibre Festival’s Mitre 10 Trade Hall often when you come to Blenheim, but we hope that you also visit the Mega store in Alabama Road to check out what they have on offer.

See you in April 2012
Festival Committee

11 July 2011

Intermission - Hats, Of Course

Why are we so into hats?  Read about the Creative Fibre Challenge here, and see more hats here.

07 July 2011

Felted Fish Throw

Every two years Queen Charlotte College present a wearable art show. Years 7 and 8 have compulsory wearable arts as part of the technology curriculum. While no “ WOW", this is an exciting, and inspirational event with tickets sold out very quickly. The garments created by the students are amazing and some of this year’s creations will be on show at Festival 2012.

To say thank you, Marlborough Felters decided to make a multi-purpose throw and donate it to the College to be used for a raffle. The school is in Picton, which is right on the sea, so fish was an obvious theme.

Marlborough felters made prefelt fish and then put them onto a big prefelt backdrop and added seaweed and other underwater objects. It was assembled and needlefelted and then the whole piece was felted to make the throw. Katie McDonald headed this project, and as you can see the final work of art is really good.
The fish were needle felted onto a large prefelt.
Pam, Shirley and Linley hard at work
Christine and Katie ‘wetting down’
The actual felting process begins
Katie and Christine complete the hardening process.
Finished throw. Hope I win it!


01 July 2011

Hats for Hope

Cancer patients will really appreciate receiving a ‘funky’ hat to wear, knowing that someone cared enough to create it on their behalf, and positive publicity will be generated for both the Cancer Society and Creative Fibre.
Creators can make as many hats as they wish but only one hat per maker will be displayed unless display space permits otherwise. Hats will be chosen and displayed with the whole display in mind, and will bear the maker’s name and hometown.
We want fun hats, funky hats, traditional hats, futuristic hats, functional hats - hats created with love.
Hats for chemotherapy patients should be designed so they cover back and sides of the head.
Please note: hats will not be returned to their maker, but will be donated to the Cancer Society.
Get your thinking hats on, and create a hat for hope!!

Creative Fibre Members, please send hats labelled with your name and hometown to:
Jan Hannay, 1 Rothwell Place, Blenheim 7201
By Tuesday 10 April 2012