07 July 2011

Felted Fish Throw

Every two years Queen Charlotte College present a wearable art show. Years 7 and 8 have compulsory wearable arts as part of the technology curriculum. While no “ WOW", this is an exciting, and inspirational event with tickets sold out very quickly. The garments created by the students are amazing and some of this year’s creations will be on show at Festival 2012.

To say thank you, Marlborough Felters decided to make a multi-purpose throw and donate it to the College to be used for a raffle. The school is in Picton, which is right on the sea, so fish was an obvious theme.

Marlborough felters made prefelt fish and then put them onto a big prefelt backdrop and added seaweed and other underwater objects. It was assembled and needlefelted and then the whole piece was felted to make the throw. Katie McDonald headed this project, and as you can see the final work of art is really good.
The fish were needle felted onto a large prefelt.
Pam, Shirley and Linley hard at work
Christine and Katie ‘wetting down’
The actual felting process begins
Katie and Christine complete the hardening process.
Finished throw. Hope I win it!


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