01 July 2011

Hats for Hope

Cancer patients will really appreciate receiving a ‘funky’ hat to wear, knowing that someone cared enough to create it on their behalf, and positive publicity will be generated for both the Cancer Society and Creative Fibre.
Creators can make as many hats as they wish but only one hat per maker will be displayed unless display space permits otherwise. Hats will be chosen and displayed with the whole display in mind, and will bear the maker’s name and hometown.
We want fun hats, funky hats, traditional hats, futuristic hats, functional hats - hats created with love.
Hats for chemotherapy patients should be designed so they cover back and sides of the head.
Please note: hats will not be returned to their maker, but will be donated to the Cancer Society.
Get your thinking hats on, and create a hat for hope!!

Creative Fibre Members, please send hats labelled with your name and hometown to:
Jan Hannay, 1 Rothwell Place, Blenheim 7201
By Tuesday 10 April 2012


Meg in Nelson said...

Have you checked out our hats yet? http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.232922863400498.83007.194201427272642 And do post photos of YOUR funky hats on our Facebook page, please!

rosie said...

Two suggestions
Hats need to be on the smaller side because without hair from Chemotherapy our heads are smaller.
Our heads are very sensitive so please use very soft fibre. Dare I say some synthetics are softer and easier to wash.

Meg in Nelson said...

Thank you for your valuable suggestions, Rosie.

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