28 June 2011

Meet the Team - Meg

I am Meg and I am a weaver living in Nelson, about 90 minutes northwest of Blenheim. (It's a lovely drive over the hills, down the valley, and if one so chooses, around the sounds, especially if one is being driven by one's husband.)  I assist (and boss around) the Festival Team with Internet-related matters.

I started weaving at my mother's urging in 1995, but I found it difficult to weave while I had a full time job, so I have been weaving somewhat consistently this side of 2004/05.

I am largely self-taught, but early on I discovered the supportive world of weavers on the Internet, (anyone remember the Majordomo?) and have tried to find and maintain friendships from around the world. Since 2006, I have maintained my blog, Unravelling.

My association with Marlborough Weavers started in 2001 when I attended a double weave workshop. Since then, I've belonged to Marlborough Weavers off and on, and I try to get to meetings and workshops a few times a year. 

As a child, I learned to embroider, and as a student I sewed some of my clothes, but since I discovered weaving, I have more or less concentrated all of my energy and time on weaving.  In doing so, I lost my favorite "hobby", so now I bake bread as a hobby.



Janette said...

I love your work! the colours, the textures, the love woven in :)

Meg in Nelson said...

Thank you, Janette. Would you believe for the longest time I only woven in achromatic or analogous combos? Colors are a very recent thing for me.

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