24 July 2011

Creative Learning Programme

Fibre is our passion, and irrespective of whether we enjoy felting, weaving, spinning or knitting, we all have that desire to hold some form of fibre in our hands and manipulate it our own special way to create a work of art or something wearable or useful.

With the Creative Learning programme at this Festival we have put together an exciting, inspirational programme for you to enjoy. Some things are a little different, but we are giving you the opportunity to listen to people who are doing exciting things with fibres.

We have two highly regarded overseas tutors, Kim Thittichai and Karen Selk, and a wide variety of New Zealanders who are skilled in their work. They are all people of exceptional talent and above all have a desire to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, and to impart some of the excitement they feel for what they do.

The Festival starts each day with a keynote speaker in the main Hall, a venue where everyone can listen and be inspired.  Then there is a choice. We have 3 smaller venues with various topics being presented in 45 minute slots. You will have a difficult job choosing which one to go to!

For those of you who want to go that extra mile there are two 2 day post Festival workshops with our special overseas tutors that you can enrol for.

I can't wait to be a part of the buzz that is going to hit Blenheim in April 2012.

See you there.

Christine & Joan

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