13 August 2011

Kim Thittichai Post Festival Workshop: Extreme Surfaces for Stitch

Enjoy experimenting with many layers of texture and colour to create amazing surfaces that can be developed into sculptural forms, hats, bowls, tassee heads, beads, boxes – whatever you think would be suitable. Scale will be left up to you but on a 2 day workshop we could construct something on the large side or you could choose to work small. Layers will be key to this workshop to build strength. Whether they are thin, translucent layers or thick colourful layers that are burnt back – we will just have to wait and see.

Using heavy iron-on interfacings and the fairy like qualities of Vilene Spunbond/Lutradur you will be able to experiment and develop new ideas in a fast paced and above all enjoyable workshop. Heat guns and soldering irons will used to distress and create amazing textures on which to stitch –or not!

This is the 2 day Post Festival Workshop with Kim Thittichai
Monday 30th April and Tuesday 1st May
St Johns Rooms, Seymour St, (right in the centre) of Blenheim
Workshop fee $150 (includes refreshments) with $80 material fee paid to Kim at the workshop.

This will be the only workshop Kim holds in New Zealand.

Christine says, “We are so lucky to have Kim come and teach her ‘Extreme Surface for Stitch’ workshop here for 2 full days. The number of spaces available is limited. Registration forms are in the September issue of the Creative Fibre magazine and on the Creative Fibre website. Those registered for the Festival will be given preference.

"I know that this topic doesn't fit nicely into a box of particular interest to a spinner, or weaver or felter, but it is intended to extend your horizons, make you use materials that you haven't used before, and ‘think outside the box’. I can assure you that you will!

"If you want a sneak look into what you might be doing, go to Kim's website and see what she teaches, and the what she creates."


* All photographs used with the permission of Kim Thittichai. *

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