05 November 2011

Meet the Presenters - Brian Kitson

I became involved with alpacas in 1995 with the purchase of a small breeding herd, which has now grown to nearly 100. I suppose that coming from 5 generations of fibre processors, it was not surprising that I became engrossed in the fibre side of the industry.

I find alpaca to be an exciting fibre to work with. It has been processed on a craft basis in South America for around 6000 years. In the 1800’s Sir Titus Salt was manufacturing 18 miles of alpaca fabric per day but in spite of this by 1990 there was very little knowledge, understanding or experience with alpaca outside of South America.

The past 16 years have involved a continual learning experience which was not limited by boundaries associated with a more established fibre. I have some successes and I have a few failures but collectively it all adds to our understanding of this unique fibre.

At the Festival, I will be speaking on ‘Alpaca Processing, Product and Potential’.
Brian Kitson showing an interested group the sample piece for their first run of New Zealand made fabric.

Brian will present "Alpaca processing, product and potential".


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