09 January 2012

Thank You, Sponsors

No festival can operate without sponsors.  Creative Fibre Festival 2012 is most appreciative of sponsorship from the following

Marlborough Mitre 10 Mega

George Mason Education Trust

Ashford Handicrafts Ltd

Marlborough District Council

Marlborough District Creative New Zealand Communities

Marlborough Chamber of Commerce


New Zealand Merino Company

Winstanley Kerridge Ltd

Wither Hills Wines

Wool Marketing Marl/Nelson Ltd


At Festival 2012 there will be no traditional National Fashion Parade.  There are several reasons:

• The venue is not suitable for a large event of this nature.

• The hiring of another venue suitable for such an event would not be affordable.

• The timetabling of our Festival would make the scheduling of more than one parade impossible even if the space was available.

• There is no site available that would allow the display of garments in an appropriate manner after the event.

BUT the main reason is the low number of suitable outfits being put forward for selection. We want to encourage people to wear ‘handcrafted’, and to be proud of what they have created.

Lisa O’Neill will present a special morning on Festival Sunday ‘How to be Your Best You’. We think you will love it!  National Creative Fibre has agreed to contribute to Lisa’s fee. We are very grateful.

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