04 June 2012

Some of the People who helped Festival to happen

Marlborough Guild members/supporters - Tricia, Jen, June and Rosemary.
Paddy and Pat with Esther Nitschke who officially opened the Festival - the 40th one she has attended!
Displaying 200 of the hats was one of the tasks Katie helped with.
Birgite had the difficult task of judging the exhibition awards. Look back at previous posts if you missed seeing the winners.
Caroline photographed every exhibition item for the official records and our exhibition catalogue.
Sarah Hornibrook and Friend. Sarah was one of our presenters, and only those who attended her talk will know the full story behind this picture.

There were many many other 'behind the scenes' people and we can't show them all, but we are grateful for willing helpers and great team work. And we had such fun! (More about that in a day or two.)

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