04 October 2011

A Feel for Fashion

There will not be a formal fashion parade at Festival 2012, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be fashion. Participants are asked to make a real effort to wear handmade garments and accessories that demonstrate creative fibre.

This will not only showcase some of the fabulous fibre work that members are doing but also be a great catalyst for conversation and camaraderie. Wear your handmade garment with pride and be prepared for a tap on the shoulder [the celebrated weavers’ spinners’ knitters’ felters’ handshake], with the comment ‘Hey, I like what you’re wearing. Did you make it?’ That’s often an introduction to a new friendship at Festival.

Remember, you are the fashion!

Creative Fibre National President, Pat Old, photographed at the opening of the Nelson/ Marlborough Area Exhibition. Pat is wearing a hand crafted knitted necklace – what better example of a creative fibre accessory?


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Meg in Nelson said...

Ms National President had a fabulously colorful wool patchwork (?) piece the previous day while she helped us hang the exhibition, too.

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