01 October 2011

Meet the Presenters - Heather Baskiville-Robinson

My fibre of passion is harakeke - Phormium Tenax - New Zealand flax. For many years I have woven with it and in the last decade or so I have been integrating handmade paper, weaving and muka into my sculptures, collages, prints and installations. Other fibres and fabrics and threads and grasses sneak in wherever the processes of creating take me.

I live by the sea in the Marlborough Sounds with influences unspoken. A lacebark log arriving on the beach giving me the most exquisite fibre from nature, traditional techniques learnt from my ancestors and workshops attended are all encompassing, bringing together the diverse dimensions of my artwork.

When a group of people passionate in the sensual nature of fibre meet together dialogue and knowledge sharing are powerful facilitators.

Heather will present "Dimensions of Diversity".


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