25 February 2012

"Circles & Squares"

"Circles & Squares", a tapestry exhibition by the AuNZ Tapestry Group will be showing at the Marlborough Convention Centre during the Festival.
One of the exhibits that will be displayed in the Exhibition.

In order to encourage woven tapestry artists to continue weaving, the above Group has given Australian and New Zealand weavers a theme for a yearly project/challenge since 2005.
From the 2009 Exhibition at Timaru. Guess the theme – ‘Blue’

Any weaver can enter, there is no jury system and all works are exhibited. Entries may come from students, new graduates, more experienced and professional weavers.
An exhibit from 2006 - Childhood Memories

Heather Adlam
The only present I ever remember receiving from my father was in my early years when there were only two of us children. He came out one Christmas with a brown paper bag with four feet sticking out the top! One golly for my sister Margaret and one for me.

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