29 February 2012

Special Interest Groups - CF List/Internet Group

Four groups of members use Festival as an opportunity to convene and discuss what they do. Festival is the only opportunity they have to meet in person.

Meetings will be held during lunch hours, 12.15 – 1pm
Friday: Felters and Cross Country Weavers
Saturday: Internet Group (C F List) and Creative Fibre Spinners.
Venues to be advised — watch the Notice Board

Internet Group

12.15 – 1pm Saturday

The CF list has been around since 1997 and currently has about 350 members.

The internet group meetings at festivals are now (since Timaru) as much Ravelry get togethers as CF list gatherings. Ravelry is kind of a social network with extra features, aimed mainly at knitters and crocheters.

Are you a member of the CF List, or of Ravelry, or are you interested in learning more about them before you join up? Come and meet like-minded enthusiasts.


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