02 April 2012

Merit Award

Merit Award
‘Whenua (The Land)’
Patricia Took-Stevens

Each part of this work is in some way connected to the land.

The box is very old, but once was part of a tree.

The flax is native to New Zealand.

The badly damaged reclaimed books and their beautiful hidden images were once part of a tree.

The sheep, producing merino wool, are connected to the land, as are the stones and shells also used to embellish the front book covers,

Finally, I would like to give credit to the authors of the three found books. The books and their images are entirely about New Zealand plants, birds and the land.

Native Birds – written and illustrated by Charles Masefield 1952

Natives for your Garden – written and illustrated by G C Jackson 1965

Charles Heaphy’s prints -- compiled by Briar Gordon and Peter Stupples 1987

All award winners' photographs taken by Caroline Crick, Caroline Crick Photography and Media

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