28 September 2011

Meet the Presenters - Stephenie Collin

In 1987 I spent a year of full-time study learning both on-loom and flax weaving at the Takitimu Arts & Cultural Trust. It was the only fibre-related tertiary training being offered in Hawkes Bay at the time, and it had a strong emphasis on the history and design of the fibre arts in N.Z. On completion, I began focusing on tapestry weaving and design, and I have been weaving tapestry ever since. In 1999 I completed my Certificate in Adult Teaching through what was then called The Waikato Polytechnic.

There are very few tapestry artist/weavers in N.Z, and I am extremely pleased to be one of them. I like to use my craft to express who I am and to tell my own story. Although tapestry lends itself to telling a visual story through its very nature, I believe all fibre practices have the ability to tell a story and give a glimpse into the life and perspective of the person who creates it. We all have the ability to capture, inform and enrich a niche audience of our own and we need to continue to challenge our own creative possibilities if we wish to evolve our work with fibre both as a craft, and as an art form.

Whether I am viewing an object that has been felted, woven or knitted, I am always aware that someone has wanted to share a part of who they are, and what they do with me. Being a Tapestry weaver, my interest in design practice has always been an obvious necessity, but I also believe that all of us can tap into a way of thinking that can inspire each one of us to produce interesting and thoughtful fibre art that gives a glimpse into each crafter’s particular story. It is the possibilities and hidden opportunities of the design process that I believe many would benefit from learning more about. Understanding it is key to understanding why you create what you do, land is the pathway to producing more mature and resolved creative fibre art-works.

Stephanie will present "Expanding Your Creative Response" and her blog is called WarpedArt&Design.


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