12 September 2011

Meet the Presenters - Sarah Hornibrooke

Sarah Hornibrooke is a South Island artist living in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Six of her twenty seven Montana Wearable Art Show exhibits are owned by W.O.W. and her work is often seen in their quarterly displays at the W.O.W. & Collectable Car Museum, Nelson. Her Wearable Art travels the world with the W.O.W. Team.

She has been a finalist seven times and won four awards in the show.

Since first entering with Deb Price in 1990, when they won the 1990 Section, Sarah has created entries using a vast variety of materials.

“For Maui’s Last Stand we used paper mache, fabric, sand, fishing net and paua. Since then I have explored wool, leather, melted toys, natural fibres such as harakeke, hand made paper and pigments, many kinds of recycled materials and brand new silk.

The show has offered me the chance to explore almost any medium and idea. The skills of sewing and stitching, painting, riveting, paper making, dyeing, felting and weaving have all been employed over the years, and many I have continued to use in my art and teaching today. My teaching brings me into contact with a wide range of people, children, adults and the elderly. I work for the Golden Bay Work Centre delivering N.Z.Q.A. units in raranga, teach a variety of creative community classes, and am a regular tutor for the children’s Oscar program.

I like to work mainly with sustainable materials, things that I can grow, or glean. To create a living using plants I have harvested and remnants I have gathered is my most satisfying goal. I feel my self looking more at how can I make a difference to my health and wellbeing and the world around me. This has led my work in different directions, often requiring the invention of new techniques.”

Sarah has exhibited work around N.Z. in galleries and Museums such as Te Papa, Auckland and Otago, and at present work is for sale from MONZA Gallery, Golden Bay and Ora Gallery, Wellington. Google Sarah Hornibrooke to see her art.

Sarah will be presenting "Exhibiting for WOW".

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