22 September 2011

Meet the Presenters - Sue Giller

I am passionate about fibrecrafts! I love to explore the amazing diversity of effects that can be achieved by blending different techniques and colours to create a pleasing garment or accessory.

My garment production process usually comprises five main stages: inspiration, design, selection of fibre, experimentation and execution. Most of my projects start with an interactive process of knit and tink before they settle down into a more productive phase.

My garments are mostly knitted on circular needles and I find it very satisfying when the work is removed and it appears in the correct shape. Once the knitting of the garment is complete it is then washed (sometimes hand-painted with dye) and laid out to dry or blocked. The final finishes are added such as hand-made buttons, belts or embellishments.

Sue was the recipient of the 2011 George Mason Scholarship in Design.

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