18 March 2012

STOP PRESS: Attention Exhibition Entrants

If you have sent an entry (or entries) to the National Exhibition in Blenheim, please be assured that it has been received. ALL parcels were received safely and in good order.

I have sent acknowledgments individually by email to all entrants who have email addresses but I am hearing from several quarters that some people have not received these. I can only surmise that, because I sent out about 130 emails over 3 or 4 days, all with the same subject line, that some email systems have read them as spam and not delivered them.

As well as the acknowledgment, each of these messages had, as an attachment, an invitation to the opening of the exhibition at 6PM, Friday 23 March. So if you have not received one, please know that all who sent entries in, whether selected or not, are welcome to come to the opening, though I know the distance precludes this for many of you.

At the Festival, the awards will be read out and photos of the winners will be shown on a big screen, and selected awards given out in person. There will also a list on the noticeboard.

Look forward to a really stunning exhibition!



Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, if I could be a fly on the wall. Or a rubbish collector. Or anything...

Rose said...

Check your spam box - especially if you are on xtra!

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