10 March 2012

Special Interest Groups - Cross Country Weavers

CCW is one of the Special Interest Groups that will meet briefly during Festival. The members come from all over the country, many from rural areas, and communicate by mail so it is a great opportunity to meet new friends face to face — and new friendships are often the result of joining CCW.

Working in small groups of 6—8, members are given a topic each year and each will weave samples on that topic, sending a swatch, complete with the draft and relevant details, to each of the others and to the group’s librarian. As well, each member weaves a sample of their own choice to exchange. The exciting part comes when the large envelopes start appearing in the mail box, usually with a chatty letter from the sender.
Over the years each member builds up a great network of colleagues and a very useful resource. The library accumulates an even bigger resource as it collects samples from all the groups. This is available for all Creative Fibre members and groups to use for only the cost of the postage.
Find out more about how you can benefit from joining CCW.


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