14 March 2012


Keep your eye on the notice board when you are at Festival. One of the special treats will be Storytelling with Mary Sheddan. Mary developed her interest in reading and literacy programmes during many years of teaching. Her interest in storytelling began when she first met Dreamweaver, Elizabeth Miller, the pioneer of Storytelling NZ, and has since attended storytelling workshops in NZ and USA. Mary delights in sharing her stories and emphasises that storytelling is not just for children.
Let us not forget that stories are not just for children. The very good ones teach us where to go when we’re young, and remind us where we’ve been when we’re older. And the best ones help to keep us forever young. [unknown author]
Mary has collected fibre-related stories from myths and legends from many lands and will be telling some of these during festival. Take time from the busyness to sit and listen.
If you want your children to be brilliant, tell them fairy tales . . . If you want them to be more brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales. [Albert Einstein]

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