31 May 2012

Bikes Around Blenheim

Publicity for the National Exhibition and promotion for the upcoming Festival was in the form of decorated bicycles of various sizes. These appeared around town, outside shops or in some cases in shop windows.

And Feltima welcomed people to the exhibition.
More felt, this time in the form of flowers made by this group of schoolgirls who were pretty pleased with their achievements.
The display in the background is a collection of 25 scarves, all dyed and heat-treated by Christine Keller.
And this is an innovation by the team to keep those slippery name tags under control. It is made from wooden venetian blind slats and held together by twining fabric strips. After this use it did double duty to display photographs with the aid of spring clothes pegs. Recommended as a quick and easy lightweight display board.

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Judy said...

The wooden blind slats sure provided a solution for a slippery problem. Thank you Rose for the great idea.

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