27 May 2012

Russell Terrace

As you will know if you were there, Festival spilled over from the Convention Centre into the next-door building known to locals as 'The Old Marlborough Club' where there were more displays and activities than could be absorbed in the time available.  Here are some of them beginning with the Tapestry Exchange display.  The theme was 'Circles and Squares' and the work came from all over New Zealand and Australia.

Not far away was Mary Sheddan, Storyteller.  Mary has gathered a collection of textile-related stories gleaned from myths, legends and fairytales (although it seems she also sneaked in one about her little sister.)  Those who had time to sit and listen at lunchtime were delighted.
And there was a display from Cross Country Weavers.  This is not a large group at the moment but it is growing and this display gave an indication of the value of belonging to it with an impressive collection of drafts and samples. One panel showed samples collected over a few years from Trish Cuttriss who deservedly won the overall Creative Fibre Award at the National Exhibition.  Congratulations Trish.

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