24 May 2012

Festival Trades

Dianne welcomes us to the Trades Hall and reminds us to vote with the Traders' Raffle Tickets that we found in our registration packs. So many people must have gone home happy with their winnings. On second thoughts perhaps this photo should be in the fashion section.

Inside the jam-packed hall, this is only of the many tempting stalls. These big smiles were at the beginning of trading and they would be just has big at the end I'm sure.

 And then came the 'Bag Ladies.'  These photos were taken after only one hour of trading. I wonder where all this fibre is now and what is being made from it.

While we are re-living the fun and the fibre-related activities from Festival 2012 the Wellington team is already hard at work preparing for Festival 2013.  Keep a watch on their blog: fibrefestival2013.blogspot.com and take note of the Focus on Fashion.

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Anonymous said...

Great to see all the follow up pictures. The team did an amazing job. xx

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