04 May 2012

Some of Our Helpers

Many people assisted with the smooth running of the Festival and helped to make the experience enjoyable for others. Here are some of the helpers in the 'Hands-On' area.

 Paddy Morris introduces a young visitor to spinning.
Joy Pinnell explains that you need to keep the wheel turning.
Helen Boon encourages a school pupil to try out the loom.
Linda Cleary is teaching this girl to treadle first, before she learns to spin.
Kim O'Connor demonstrates spindle spinning. Note her tatted earrings.
 Jan Hannay and her young friend are having fun with felting.

These are only a few of the activities at Festival.  Watch this space!


Meg in Nelson said...

Helen Boon told me there were some fascinated boys around the loom, demonstrated by a man! How wonderful!

Rose said...

Yes, I heard that too though I didn't see who the man was. It was possibly Wilson Henderson - a great role model for aspiring weavers.

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